About Us


 It all started the day when we were enjoying an Indian cricket match at one of our friend’s house with pizzas, burgers, and cold drinks on the table. The game ended in the evening but the real cricket fanatics came alive after that. A heated discussion about India’s performance, a very common one in our country, was the only thing left on the table. There were arguments, counter arguments which slowly and gradually took the discussion to a next level; India’s performance in sports at national and international levels.

After almost 1 hr of discussion we settled at a single conclusion which was a lack of sports culture in our country. From the times of Baba Adam we have been conditioned to the phrase “Padhogey likhogey to banogey nawab, khelogey koodogey to hogey kharaab”.

Every person is born with a skill set of their own but somehow in our country sports is considered more as a recreational activity and not as a career, though the horizon is changing now but the pace needs to increase. There is a need for such platforms which lets youngsters test their skills in sports and make their parents realize what they can do, given an opportunity. We realized a dire need for such platforms to build the sport culture in India and that day, Dodgers Sports was born.

Our Vision

To create a platform for sports for players at a very young age, where they can test their skills, and analyze their performance which would motivate them and their parents as well to contribute towards building a sports nation.

Our Mission

To organize various sports activities including tournaments, championships throughout the year with the collaboration of different Government Sports Association.

Starting with district level competitions, our aim is to take it to national level so that one could match up with national sports talents and build wings to fly high in the sky.